Xan & Bob

Amongst Friends

I know I have mentioned how blessed we are with the neighbors and friends that we have made here. We love sharing everyday things with them but also sharing in each other’s celebrations.

This weekend we were invited by our friends and neighbors, Kim and Virginia, to a lovely old masia in the country. A gathering of family and friends of which we are touched to be included.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and after a tour of the masia we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and lounging by the pool.

Family and friends continued to arrive throughout the afternoon and evening and by the time we sat down to dinner shortly after 10pm there were 20 of us. Some have known each other for 40 years! How lovely it must be to spend time with old friends like that. I have many dear, old friends but having moved around like we have it has not been easy to share time together. Yet when we are able to talk and see each other it is as if no time has passed. That is the sign of a true friendship.

Living in a different country where you do not know the language (yet) is sometimes frustrating. Yes, we are learning but it is a very slow process. Spanish is one thing by Catalan is much more difficult. These type of gatherings although make me anxious at first are also where I feel at ease in a strange way. To be included somehow makes the lack of knowing the language unimportant. Our new friends go out of their way to help us understand their conversations and are eager to improve their English as we are to learn Spanish.

Today is a relaxing day. Everyone doing what they want. Pool time, reading, visiting with each other and me a little writing time. More people have arrived, and I will tell you that if there is a test on names I will fail. Too many to remember.

There is no WIFI in the masia, so I am getting creative on writing and posting this blog. Writing it in Word and adjusting the photos in Photoshop then connecting my phone and transferring the files from laptop to phone so that I can then post in the WordPress app. I will post this and then relax and enjoy new friends.

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