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Time Out At The Beach

Today we did what we had planned to do yesterday. Worked in the morning and enjoyed the beach in the afternoon.

We had breakfast on the patio and then the work commenced. As we were both getting settled into the office we had an always-welcome visitor, Lucky. Lucky is one of the lovely dogs that live in the village but he is special in the sense that he goes out to the vineyard most days with the crew and “works” or supervises. When the crew comes back in for breakfast Lucky comes with them and hangs out. Today he came by to lay on our step in the shade and to say hello. Lucky howls when he is happy and he did as I walked out to say good morning. I try to take a photo or two and send them to Lucky’s Mom Gloria so here are today’s photos.

Bob has been working on writing a report for one of his expert witness cases and they always prove to make for an intense time. After he sent off the report to the lawyer we wasted no time in getting out the door. He needs to seriously unwind during and after writing these reports.

Yesterday was the opening of the Sausalito Sitges Beach. We always go to this beach as it is less of a tourist area and thus less people. The Sausalito Sitges Beach also has a restaurant, bar, and beach service which is what opened yesterday. Since we couldn’t attend the opening yesterday we headed there for lunch today. It is a special place for us and it is where the photo of the Cava toast took place that is my logo. 🙂


We ordered some Cava and lunch and I snapped a few photos. We toasted to some friends of ours who closed on a new house yesterday. We also toasted to our friends Nathan and Jeff who will be here for a visit on Saturday. And I, of course, had to WhatsApp them the photos.

A toast to our friends for closing on the house. We are so THRILLED for you!!!!!


And to Nathan and Jeff…we are awaiting your arrival. We are so excited to show them our special place.


Making or taking the time for relaxation and enjoyment here is a huge part of our lifestyle change as we didn’t do that much in our former life. The only time we truly “stopped” was when we came to Sitges, Spain each September for our two-week vacation. It is important to us that we don’t lose sight of that now that we are living here.


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