“Aren’t you clever!”

Mother Nature is so amazing! Watching the cycle of life in the vineyard is astounding to us still. It really doesn’t get old seeing what happens and how quickly things happen.

Last night we were watching a movie and I went in to the kitchen for something. Possibly it was for more wine. Probably it was for more wine. Okay…it was for more wine. But we have to help support the wine country don’t we?!

Anyway, through the kitchen window, the glow of the setting sun urged me to go outside and take some photos. Pause the movie. Hold my wine. Don’t drink it!

It was gorgeous.



You see…it was not to be ignored. While I wandered around snapping photos I came across these vines. And I stopped in my tracks and said to the vine, “Aren’t you clever! There are other places you could have grasped but you chose to connect to a bit of your family tree. A bit of history. Remnants of last year’s vintage.”


I like to think that the remnants of the old vine held out its hand per se and said,  “Take hold here. You’re just growing. Let me show you the way. Trust me.”



And together, holding onto each other…they enjoyed the glow of the setting sun.


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