Xan & Bob

Rockery or Rock Garden. Call it what you may.

Spring. Flowers. Garden. Blooms. New growth. Rebirth. Hope. Happiness. Changes. Life.

So many of my posts have been about Spring and flowers lately. Sorry if you are getting bored with that but I can’t help myself! Winter has her own beauty and I loved that as well. But Spring…well…Spring just renews my spirit!

Last week we took an ugly weed loving corner outside of our garden wall and made a Rockery. I would call it a rock garden but not Bob and he even brought up the definition online to prove that that is the correct name.

This corner has bothered me since we moved in. It has been an eyesore to me. These are photos I took last June.



When Bob was travelling last June I cleaned up the corner and trimmed the Oleander. Better but it has still bugged me.


So…the rockery.  Thankfully we had a huge pile of rocks not far from the corner. They are remodeling one of the old buildings next to us and have the pile of rocks to use for that. I should tell you that as we were moving the rocks from the pile to our corner the owner of the village/vineyard walked by.  Oops. Talk about timing. We laughed and asked if it was okay if we “borrowed” some rocks. Of course it was not a problem…there are tons of piles of rocks all over the property so no shortage.


The corner gets a bit of sun and a bit of shade so we found plants that should thrive in those conditions.







The corner looks so much better. Cleaner. More welcoming for visitors. What a change…don’t you think?!






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