A walk to clear the mind

When you have a daunting to do list (of your own creation) that you are about to start…sometimes it is best to just go for a walk and get your thoughts in order before you begin.

Bob left today for a business trip…to Monaco! Seriously…he has to spend the next 7 days in MONACO! He is there for the World GP Bike Legends event which is taking place as part of the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco. Yes, I am jealous but such is life.

While Bob is gone I have a long list of things I need/want/WILL do. I plan to spend a huge amount of time writing. Working on my book writing. I am very excited about that and also a bit lost on how to tackle what I want to accomplish. But that is the reason I took the walk today and why I plan to walk each day as it helps to open the mind.

Ah, the other exciting thing I am going to do is Spring clean the house. You may think I am strange but I have actually been looking forward to this. I will admit that I am more excited about having it done now then I am about starting it. Again I will take walking breaks to help me through it.

Here are some photos from today’s walk in the vineyard. There are some new wildflowers.






This one has a hitchhiker. What a great spiral pattern on that shell.


What a view!






I was enjoying the myself and had planned to walk down another path but it was getting hard to ignore the thunder rumbling and the darkening of the clouds heading my direction.




It was quite pretty but I knew that if I headed down the path I had planned and this storm hit I wouldn’t be protected and call me weird but I’m not one to mess around when lightning is in play.

So, I headed back home and started on my list. Just to rub it in…we barely got 3 drops of rain from the storm as it mostly went around us. Oh well.

We are being treated to this gorgeous view right now.




3 thoughts on “A walk to clear the mind”

  1. Esta primavera es magnífica!
    Sol, lluvia, tormentas, calor, aire, frío… nos prepara un buen verano Xan.

    La primera flor es la madreselva que tiene un perfume exquisito.

    He visto la web “World GP Bike Legends” y seguro que Bob se lo pasará muy bien.

    Besos 🙂

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