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Friends Make All The Difference

Happy One Year Living Our Dream Anniversary! What a year it has been. Has it been everything we thought it would be? Yes. It has also thrown us some curve balls. As much as we researched stuff we have had a few surprises. We’ve had a lot of firsts. And here we are one year later. Wow!

One of the things that we lucked out on was having such AMAZING neighbors who are now dear friends. I wish I could convey what a difference that has made in our lives. Last Saturday we had one of our lovely 6 hour lunches with them. What a time it was. We laughed. We cried. We took silly photos and videos. We sang in the rain. We hugged. We are so lucky to have them in our lives. Kim and Virginia gave us gifts honoring our one year anniversary here. Virginia made this amazing ceramic plate depicting our beach.  The boat even has our names on it. They have joked that we are addicted to the beach. 🙂 It is true. Look at this beautiful gift.

The other gift they gave us is the year in pictures. Oh my! Have I mentioned how lucky we are?





Thank you Kim and Virginia for the wonderful heartfelt gifts. ♥♥

Thank you to Kim and Virginia, Gloria, Marc, Yuko, Alex and Montse, and Hanna for making our lives in Viladellops so special. We look forward to years of making incredible memories together. ♥

One other thank you needs to go to our dear, dear friend Xavi. His support and love have been absolutely invaluable to us. We can never thank you enough.  ♥

We are spending the day celebrating and reminiscing.  And it is about time that I get back to that. So…if you want to have a read of where this all started here is a link to my first blog, “We have arrived in Spain.” It will give you a glimpse at our life a year ago.

Cheers everyone!

4 thoughts on “Friends Make All The Difference”

  1. Felicidades otra vez amigos, para nosotros también es un gran motivo de celebración. Pocas veces tienes la suerte de que tus desconocidos vecinos, sean tus amigos en tan poco tiempo, muchas gracias.

    Somos muy felices de estar a vuestro lado y compartir alegrías y tristezas.

    Esperamos compartirlas por muchos años!!!

    Un abrazo enorme

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