A day of reflection

This photo was my memory on Facebook from one year ago today. I wrote the this to go with the post, “Gorgeous morning at the lake. Having a wonderful time with Donna and Carl.” (my cousin and her husband).


We were spending our last week in the States at their home before we started this great adventure. A year ago today we enjoyed the morning with them and then drove back to Cary (where we had lived) to stay at our friend’s Doug and Juanita’s home for the night. We needed to be there as Bob had his citizenship swearing in the next day.

What a crazy time it was. I’m not sure why it seems hard for me to believe that on Saturday we will celebrate our one year anniversary here in Spain. I mean it has been a year! It should just seem normal now. For the most part it does but other times it doesn’t.

We had a gorgeous day here today. 68°F (20°C). Bright blue sky and sunshine. Some time at the beach was needed. We had a walk and hunted for sea glass. Found quite a bit. I must say that I realized I have a love hate relationship with sea glass. I love finding bits of glass smoothed over from years in the sea. I do not like finding so much broken glass on the beach – meaning the stuff left behind because idiots can’t clean up after themselves. We picked up more jagged sharp pieces than we did smooth sea glass. ARGH! The big find of the day was a GoPro camera which from its condition has been in the waves for a bit. Who knows if the video is retrievable.





We sat for a bit and talked. Talked about this past year. About the changes we’ve been through. About the struggles. About having no regrets about making the move. About how our life was so different then.

We talked about the warmer weather being just around the corner and how much we are looking forward to daily visits to the beach. We sat and listened to the waves.


There were quite a few people on the beach. Sunbathers. Families. Kids building sandcastles. Doggies running in and out of the water. Some brave people venturing into the water (it isn’t warm enough for us yet).





It was a only a couple of hours on the beach but between the warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves we came home feeling renewed and refreshed.

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