Another day, another castle

Yes, it’s true. Another day, another castle! But first…

The day started ordinarily enough. We went to Vilanova to have the annual inspection done on our car. Bob made the appointment online a couple of weeks ago and we must say we were impressed with how easy it was to make the appointment and their follow-up emails of confirmation and reminders. We checked into the office and were told to drive around the building to door #1. There were a few cars ahead of us so we were able to see a bit of the process before it was our turn. What a process it was! Once it was our turn we followed the instructions of the staff as they thoroughly inspected the car. Having had our cars inspected in 7 different states in the United States we have never seen an inspection like this. Very impressive! And the car passed! Not that we doubted it would but still a relief.

Afterwards we went to the market and stocked up on meat and veggies as we know how crazy it will be around here closer to the holiday weekend. After loading the groceries into the cold bag in the car we walked around town to take care of a few other errands. Lunch at SuperPollo on the Rambla finished off our time in Vilanova.

We needed to go to Sant Pere de Ribes to another grocery store and took a road we have never been on. A winding road with vines, stones walls and some incredible sites to see. We were almost into Sant Pere when we saw a castle on the left-hand side of the road. So, we parked the car and went off to explore.

Castle of Ribes also known as Bell-lloc. Here is some information that I found on the garraftour.com website about it once we returned home.

“Ribes, as it is called by the people of the area and the townspeople themselves, has grown spectacularly since the sixties: the charm of the town, its location at the entrance of El Garraf Park and the good connections have helped this.The walk can start at the original centre of the town: Sota-ribes, on the other side of the torrent of Ribes, formed around the old castle or Castell de Ribes (also known as Bell-lloc), already recorded in the year 990. It is a fortification that defended the passage between the mountain and sea in times of the Spanish March, the always sensitive and changing border between the Islamic and Christian domains. The most notable aspect of the castle is its cylindrical tower. It is now inhabited, but can be visited on certain days of the month through visits organized by the Tourism Office. Next to the castle is the old church of Sant Pere, with three naves, with large exterior supporting buttresses and a square bell tower with openings of semicircular arches. The origin dates back to a 10th century small pre-Romanesque church. The current building was agreed in 1663, after the War of Els Segadors. It was built in twelve years at the cost of the resources of the town and was used as a parish church until 1910. Note the so-called Portal de les Ànimes, from the 14th century, remains of the old temple. The site, between low hills and sparse pine trees, is completed with the Casa del Terme (15th century), old seat of the Town Council and today the tourism office, and the bridge of La Palanca, with the protected centenary pine.”









I absolutely LOVE the built in birdbath on the rock wall! ♥♥








We were so angry to see the graffiti! I will never ever understand why people do that! If you call yourself an artist and want to express yourself then you should respect the existing ART that you are defacing! ARGH!

Final resting place.








We love that by randomly taking a different route can you lead you to a castle. There were other treasures along this route that we need to return to explore further.

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