Events, Sitges

Scrap Sitges 2018

Another cool event in Sitges last week. I’ve told you there is always something happening! We went into town Friday afternoon to run some errands and took some time to wander down to the beach. The big tent has been reconfigured since the Quilting event I told you about. The week before it was set up for an art exhibition which we never got to check out.

Anyway, I have been kind of out of the events schedule a bit so I was thrilled when we walked through the tent flap and found SCRAP BOOKING! Okay, I should probably tell you now that I have never done scrap-booking. But I have ALWAYS wanted to! I’ve even bought stuff to use when (if) I ever did scrap-booking. I think that counts.

Oh my, I could have done some serious damage…well…if I was into scrap-booking. But I’m not. And as much as I would love to do it I simply have too many other dreams and projects going right now to do it. So I wandered around and daydreamed.



The only thing I really searched through were the stencils. I want to do a stencil on the side of our rolling pantry that Bob made. Found some I liked but nothing that jumped out and said, “PICK ME!”





Had to get the photo of the church through the tent window again.



This is the probably the fourth such event in the tent on the beach that we have been to. And I have not bought one item at any of them. I was tempted indeed but in such a different mind-set now of what I want vs. what I need. Bob is a happy husband. 🙂

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