The Birth of Malvasia

Ah, the cycle of life in the vineyard! Friday when we were driving out we noticed that they were planting more Malvasia vines. You can read about the variety here. They planted some shortly before we arrived last year and we were bummed that we didn’t get to see it.  So…very excited to be able to  see the beginning of cycle.

We stopped to capture a few photos and video. I had to scramble out of  the car as the guys were moving quickly.

This special tractor set up is quite impressive. It is controlled by GPS to make sure the rows are straight! The guys load the new vines onto the shelf on the back and then climb onto the seats facing the opposite direction that the tractor is going.


As the tractor goes along the two guys feed the new vines into a wheel between them that feeds the vine into the ground.





Like I said…they were moving quickly.

The end result is these wax-coated new vines planted into the ground.




And so it begins. We’re looking forward to following these little gems as they grow and start to produce wee little grapes. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Birth of Malvasia”

  1. I was raised on a farm and we used to plant acres and acres of tobacco plants like that! It was hard work. Usually there were at least two maybe 3 people walking behind making sure the plants were deep enough or weren’t misplaced by a rock. Sometimes just to break the monotony we would put the plants in the feeder upside down! Only a few – otherwise, we would be the ones walking and not riding!!!

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