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Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Yippee!!! It’s here! It’s FINALLY here!!! The First Day of Spring!!! Woohoo!! Yippee!! Time to celebrate! Happy Dance time!!

But wait…why is it so cold and what is that white stuff on the hills across from the vineyard?




Really? Who made Winter so angry this year? My friend Valerie Stover back in North Carolina posted this on her Facebook page the other day. Anyone else agree?!


It was so cold here again that I had to put my winter coat and hat on to go out and take photos. Bob’s been wearing shorts for a few days but that changed yesterday afternoon.  Winter came back.

I went out to capture signs of Spring this morning. Trying to click photos with my gloved hands was not easy but I persevered.

And what a beautiful sight to see…the blush buds starting to emerge on the vines that are awakening from their long Winter’s nap.





There are other signs of Spring around the property.








Bob told me that there was a purple Iris on the other side of the village square so I thought I would take the long way around via a dirt trail. Remember the snow? Well, we got good rain last night so I knew the dirt trail would be muddy. No worries…just a bit of mud. Well, I should have stopped after the first time I slipped.


*Did you laugh at the fact I put my copyright on the photo?! Lol! Anyway, I walked very gingerly along and snapped a few photos.

Unfortunately, I found myself looking at the ground and what tree I could grab onto if I started to slip in the mud more than the scenery. As Bob would say the mud was “slippery than goat snot!” I also had a thought that no one knew where I was so if I was to fall on my a** it would not be a good thing. So, reluctantly I turned around the way I came.

As I headed home I stopped by my “Me Tree” and I think the smile looked a bit grumpy today. Probably grumbling under that frown saying something like, “It’s like winter is really mad and keeps storming out of the room and then coming back yelling, “And another thing!”


5 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Spring!!!”

  1. First I love the saying “It’s like winter is really mad and keeps storming … I’ve never heard that one. Second oh my your pictures!!! Even though you slipped on something slippery than goat snot (lmao gotta remeber that one) they are beautiful. It’s exciting to see the grapes starting to bud! Yay, I am so enjoying living in your vineyard and parts of Spain through you :).

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    1. The saying about Winter was from my friend Valerie. Love it!
      Slippery than goat snot is a great one too! Lol!
      Thank you so much. I’m excited to see them from the beginning this year. Even though we arrived 2 weeks later in the season last year I was a bit shy about venturing out into the vineyard to check things out closely. NOT this year though! 🙂

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