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Choosing my word for 2018

As the New Year was approaching, social media and my networking groups were encouraging me to choose my word for 2018. You know…instead of making resolutions you choose a word that defines what you want to accomplish, who you want to be etc. I actually thought this was a great concept.

Below are just a few of the suggested words that I saw:

Happiness, Empower, Patience, Hopeful, Authentic, Bold, Joy, Boundaries, Leap, Independent, Renew, Strong, Persevere, Dream, Organization, Positive, Strive, Healthy, Change, Courageous.

There are some great words there! And this is just a small sample.

I tried brainstorming for just one word that would be indicative of my 2018. I couldn’t do it.

I’m not faulting those that can. I guess my mind works a bit differently. Maybe I am a bit scatterbrained. 😉 Our lives are ever changing. The words that we need to hear or focus on will change with whatever is happening in our lives. Or it may be that we see a word or two that suddenly strike us as being the exact message we need at that moment.

I walked through our house and took photos of the inspirational words and sayings that we have. As I was editing the photos I started to crop them so that it was just the sign but then I stopped. I like how they look as they do in our home.

Joy seems to be the winner as far as quantity but there are others that are just as important to me.


This ‘joy’ and the ‘begin the rest is easy’ are above my desk.














They are all good words. Good motivators. Reminders of what is real and important. At different times they make an impact on my attitude and outlook. I can’t just pick one word for the year. There are 365 days in a year. I might need several different words in one day to help me along.

There are a couple of other signs hanging around our home that I like too.

What about you? Did you pick your word for 2018? Or did you pick a special saying or quote? Are you like me and surround yourself with inspirational words? I’d love to hear what inspires you.



4 thoughts on “Choosing my word for 2018”

  1. Mine is SIMPLICITY

    S tuff goes out
    I nbox to outbox the same day
    M ove slower
    P lay joyfully
    L ove with a full heart
    I nclude some hugs
    C alm your thoughts
    I gnite a warmth to surround you
    T hankful thoughts
    Y earn for the possible

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