Xan & Bob

It just like that…in the blink of an eye…it is November!

It just like that…in the blink of an eye…it is November!

I would ask “how did that happen?” but I know the answer. Time flies. Whether you are having fun or not.

As of yesterday we have now been living in Spain for 7 months. Where has that time gone? I truly don’t know. When I think back to our lives a year ago it is a blur of activity. Work, sorting, purging, packing. Garage sale done. Donations by the carload. Very few people knowing of our plans as I had yet to tell work. Sorting through our belongings and mementos and making decisions of what was important enough to keep and what wasn’t. Looking back some decisions were so easy. Some were…well…heart-wrenching. Letting go is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult.

Being excited about the change to our lives and perhaps strangely not being afraid. I remember friends and family asking me if I was afraid. Scared to make such a big move. It may seem weird, but I wasn’t. Change has been a part of our lives for as long as Bob and I have been together. When we sent out Thanksgiving cards and Christmas cards we told family and some friends of our plans. I will admit to being surprised that some people didn’t reach out and comment. Positive or negative. I mentioned this to my second-cousin Kathy a couple of months ago and her reply was perfect. Something to the effect of ‘well, you and Bob are always off on new adventures. This seemed normal for you guys.’ I’m sure I have paraphrased that poorly, but I think that it conveys what they thought when they read the news. No big deal for Xan and Bob.

Today seems a bit different here for some reason. Season change. The time changed here last weekend so the light is different now during the day. But today just seems like it is now really Autumn.

It has been extremely quiet in the village today. It’s normally fairly quiet anyway. As it is in many places around the world it is a national holiday here. All Saints’ Day. No one is working. The day just feels different…somehow. Like I said…like it is now really Autumn.

We are experiencing our third season here. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Each a season of change as I guess we have changed too. When we get frustrated by some new hurdle we try to remind ourselves of everything that we have overcome since we arrived. That is a long list. We try to keep things in perspective that even though we are living in our dream location that life is still happening to us. Sh*t still happens even in our dream life. We then stop and remind ourselves that we could still be back where we were, and life would be happening to us. Better to be where we are and want to be.

So, although I know how it is already November…I am still a bit stunned by its arrival. I am going to do my best to welcome it with open arms. Time to start planning our first Thanksgiving feast in Spain. Get our Christmas cards printed and written out…NO…it is not too early to start that. Perhaps…some Christmas music starting to play. We have some travel planned this month also so I’m sure that will help in making it fly by.

Now…the if I could only figure out how to get The Hallmark Channel here to watch all of their holiday movies that would be perfect!


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