Xan & Bob

A special visit from an old friend

When old friends come to visit you are sure to have a fun day! Our friend Bruce is in Spain from California for three weeks. He has quite a trip planned including Camino de Santiago, Granada, Córdoba and other amazing sites. He is only in Barcelona for a couple of days but thankfully took the time to jump on a train to Sitges and spend the afternoon with us. We are so glad he did.

It has been 14 years since we last saw Bruce. He visited us at our home in Kentucky. Although we have shared Christmas cards and emails and the occasional phone call we really haven’t been in touch over the years. But with good friends that doesn’t matter. We just picked up where we left off. Filling in the gaps of what has been happening in our lives.

Bruce and I go way back and he has been a dear friend of our family for many, many years. Bruce renewed my parent’s wedding vows for their 25th anniversary in 1986. He then renewed them in January 1990 when my father was terminally ill with cancer and my parents chose to celebrate their love with family and friends once again. Less than two months later he was there for our family when my father passed away. When my father was ill and losing weight rapidly he took to wearing suspenders to keep his pants up. Well, we all did our best to find the funniest, silliest suspenders for him. In his collection there was a pair that were bright pink with black polka dots. My Dad gave these to Bruce and asked him to wear them at the renewal of vows which he did. He also at our request wore them to my Dad’s service. Something simple and silly which my Dad would have loved and which touched all of us.

Six months later he married my first husband and me. Again, the suspenders were worn in honor of my Dad. I will tell you that Bruce tried to counsel me (as did others) not to marry my ex. But I was young and knew what I was doing. I didn’t as it turned out. LOL

Fast forward several years when Bob and I returned from Australia my Mom and our friend Dan threw us a Welcome Home Party. Of course, Bruce was there. When my Mom passed away four years ago, once the family was told, Bruce was one of the first friends on my list to contact.

He’s been a key part of a lot of the important events in my life.

So, yesterday afternoon we wandered a bit around Sitges and then had some tapas on the sea front. Like I said, filling each other in on our lives. With real friends the conversation just flows like no time has passed. We then came back to our home for a while and sat outside chatting. It was such a wonderful time and we promised not to let it be another 14 years before we see each other again.


Hold close those friends that have been there for you. The ones that have been there at the key times in your life. The memories you share are to be treasured forever but be sure to continue making new ones too. Thanks Bruce!


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