Xan & Bob

The beach is ours

And just like that summer is over. Kids are back to school locally as of yesterday. Adults are back to work. The summer tourists have returned to their day to day lives. And the beach is now ours.

Yesterday we worked in the morning and then to restore some of our sanity we went to our favorite beach. As Bob said, “It’s as if a switch was flipped.” The beach was almost deserted. We could actually count the other sunbathers. That is how empty it was. During the summer when we would go in the early morning it was empty but it would fill up and then be packed. Not anymore. This is how we remembered it from our many vacations there. We always came in September as the weather is perfect and the rest of the tourists have gone home.

When we arrived yesterday it was quite windy as it had been on Monday when we were there.  A yellow flag day at the beach. The sea here is normally calm with rolling waves not crashing waves. As we watched some of the other 12 beach goers (yes, I did count) brave the waters and get knocked around we debated whether we would go in or not. After much discussion, we decided not to go for a swim or being bashed by the waves as it would have been.



I tried to read my book but I was constantly mesmerized by the waves slamming against the rocks and then crashing upon the sand. I commented to Bob a couple of times that compared to other places we have lived these waves were nothing but here they were a big deal.

So, the beach is now ours. We are happy. 😉

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