Xan & Bob

Sunday evening in Sitges

Sunday evening in Sitges was the place to be it seems. There is always some festival going on and many times there are a couple at the same time. Sundays are also the time that locals families come from Barcelona to Sitges to enjoy a bit quieter atmosphere.

We had planned to go into town on Saturday for my birthday, but although Sitges boasts 300 days of sunshine a year that was not to be one of those days. We spent a relaxing day at home and when the rain started to fall steadily in the afternoon we decided to change our plans. Not that rain is a big deal but we really wanted to wander around town and along the promenade and had booked dinner at our favorite restaurant, Alfresco Restaurant. Where we park is about a 7-10 minute walk to the restaurant. None of this would have been quite as fun in the rain. So we rescheduled for Sunday. Having Bob make me a scrumptious birthday dinner is not a hardship believe me. 🙂

Sunday was a spectacular day. Gorgeous blue sky. And everyone was out enjoying it!

The promenade was bustling with activity.






Live music at Habana Blue Sitges.


Sound check taking place for Barraques de Sitges.

Preparations for the continuing Bears Sitges party.


The sun sinking low in the sky as people frolic in the waves and on the beach.

All of this is why we wanted to do this on a non-rainy evening.



We had a absolutely perfect dinner at Alfresco. Thank you Xavi!

Then wandered back through town and home.





It was a fabulous birthday weekend. Another wonderful trip around the sun with my amazing husband.


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