Xan & Bob

Today, 9.11.17

Monday morning. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here. Bright blue skies. September 11th. Back home in the United States this is a somber day as people remember and commemorate the attacks that took place on this date in 2001. For many of my generation in the U.S. this was the day that changed our lives. Older generations had witnessed and lived through attacks and wars but for many of us this was our first experience with it. It opened our eyes.

It is a day in history that we can all say we know exactly where we were when the attacks took place. There are moments of that day and the next few days that are still fresh in my mind. I’m sure they will remain that way.

I do remember my Mom and sisters saying to me that they were relieved that it did not happen on my birthday, the 9th. I am one who loves to celebrate birthdays and all holidays and they knew this would have had a major effect on me. That might sound crass considering what had happened to people and how many lives were forever changed. But I get it. I understand why they felt that way and I appreciate it. That’s one of things that happens when there is a tragedy…most of us tend to circle the wagons and look out for those dearest to us.

I have a friend whose birthday is today and I remember for many years after that she said it was different for her. Friends felt odd celebrating that day. I always make sure to send her a card because it is still a day to celebrate.

Our friends Jan and Marty chose this date to get married in 2008 to make the day positive once again. Today they are celebrating 9 years of wedded bliss. They are also celebrating that Hurricane Irma has spared them a direct hit as it skirted inland at the last minute. Phew.

Unfortunately, many people will still be sheltering from Hurricane Irma as she continues wreaking havoc on Florida and soon into other States. Or they will be beginning the long road of rebuilding. These past few days and today will take on a different meaning for them.

Here in Catalunya it is a holiday. Today, 11 September is their National Day. Diada de Catalunya.   They commemorate those who stood to defend them against the King. It will also be a day of marches and protests as Catalunya is fighting to obtain its independence from Spain.

So, this day means different things for different people. All just as important. Today, I will remember 9-11-01 in many ways. I will wish my friend a Happy Birthday and Jan and Marty a Happy Anniversary. I will pray for those in Irma’s path and also for those who are picking up the pieces after Hurricane Harvey and those affected by the horrible wildfires. I will also keep learning more about the history of where I live now.

Whatever you are doing today take a bit of time to reach out to someone you love. Send a card, make a phone call, send a text.  Life can change in a minute. We aren’t promised tomorrow. Live each day.


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