Viladellops Village

Los perros…the dogs

If you have been reading my blog then you know that Bob and I consider this little village to be paradise. We are enjoying getting to know all our neighbors and it is clear that they love living here too.

But…the inhabitants that have the best life here is by far all of the doggies. These dogs don’t spend the days tied up in a yard or in a crate. They go on daily long walks around the vineyard with their parents. They lounge near their masía (home) or wander the village at times. They all seem very content.

Lucky spends most days alongside the workers in the vineyard. He comes back with them at lunch time and lounges in the shade until it is time to return to work. Just today we were driving through the village and he was quite comfortable lying in the road in the shade. He lifted his head and wagged his tail when I talked to him out of my window but he was much too comfy to get out of the way. I got out of the car and talked to him and he came over to get some love. Then off we went before he could lie down again. To me Lucky is the sage older doggie (although I’m not sure if he is the oldest of them all). He knows everything that happens in the village and vineyard. He works hard with the crew and then wanders home for lots of love and a good night’s sleep so he can be ready for the next day.

Lucky leading the way through the village.

Lucky lives with Om. The puppy of the gang. Om still being a puppy is full of energy and is the great protector when someone comes towards his masía. He took a while to warm up to Bob and me but now he greets us with lots love and smiles.



Goku lives next door to us. He seriously must be the happiest doggie! Always smiling and ready to play. Sometimes he will just poke his nose through the gate to say hello on his way back from a walk. He loves to play and will let you throw rocks for him to fetch for as long as your arm holds out. 🙂 A sweetheart.





A great photo showing the three different personalities. Om, the puppy, walking right into the puddle. Why not?! Goku having a drink from the edge. And Lucky just walking past.


There are other doggies that live here as well. They all seem to be enjoying life in the village.

Our neighbors have asked us when are we getting a dog. Our answer, “We don’t need to get a dog. We have all of yours to love.”

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