Wanting to be in two different places at once

Today is a day of mixed emotions. I want to be in two different places. Wish that was possible. I want to be in back in the States and I want to be here.

Today back home in Connecticut there is my Aunt Norma’s Celebration of Life service. My family and her friends will be gathering to honor her wonderful life. My cousins and I have been scanning photos of her for a slideshow. Last night as I was looking through all of them they brought smiles, giggles, and tears. My Aunt Norma was the quietest and most reserved of the three kids but there are some photos that show that she indeed had a very silly side. They have all gone to a better place now. It is just so hard for us that are still here. I know there will be more tears shed today and that they also won’t end today. I also know that today as everyone gathers they will share stories of her. They will talk of family memories. There will be stories that some will hear for the first time. There will be smiles and laughter and lots of hugs. I hope it brings our family closer in the sense that they will promise to keep in touch more and to not let life get in the way as much. Time for another family reunion I think! I wish I was there.

Today here in Spain our daughter, Danielle, is arriving for a week’s visit. As soon as we told her we were moving here she booked her trip to come and see us. It has been a few years since we have seen her as she lives in Australia. We are looking forward to showing her our happy place. Tonight, we are planning to go into Sitges to see the “La Nit de Foc” (night of fire) for Festa Santa Tecla. We have a few things planned including walks through the vineyard, time on the beach, lots of good food and wine and celebrating Bob’s birthday. Mostly we are looking forward to just having some time together.

So, yes, I would love to be in two different places today. With family in both places. I know it’s not possible and I know everyone back in Connecticut understands. I’m there in spirit.

Family is everything. There may be miles between us but we are always together in our hearts.


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