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A look back over the past five months

Today is the 31st of August. It was five months ago today that we arrived in Spain to live our dream. At times it still feels unbelievable to me that we live here. This time last year we were getting organized to come here for vacation and now we have lived here for five months already!

I thought today I would “celebrate” our five-month anniversary by posting some links to some key posts I made when we first arrived. If you’re just starting to read my blog now then this might help you catch up on how this dream became reality.

After being here for three weeks we finally (first world problems) got the internet connected at our home so that I could start my blog. My first blog post was called, “We have arrived in Spain.”

In my next post, I told you about what happened when we arrived back home in North Carolina after our vacation here last year. When we decided that in six short months we would be moving. What a time that all was!

We have arrived now what will tell you about our very first week in our new adventure. Wow rereading this certainly brings it all back. What a crazy time.

Documentation needed will almost drive us insane. Week Two included Bob getting his Spanish residency. Just that one day was an adventure all on its own.

Week 3-4: We progress includes us spending time with our new neighbors. Now our amazing friends. Plus the adventures in buying furniture and the deliveries.

The dreaded Baja Consular Saga and Bob’s U.S. citizenship story is told here. This post about the Baja Consular has had a positive effect.  I’ve had people reach out to me that are moving or have recently moved here looking for some help in how to get this elusive document. Looking forward to meeting Burke and Ricardo in person soon as they have just arrived from California.

In order to move here we sold or gave away most of our belongings. We went from 12,000 pounds (5,400 kgs) down to 70 boxes. The only piece of furniture we shipped was an outdoor table that Bob had recently built. To rid our life of all that stuff had to be done in six months. You can read about how we chose what to take and what to leave in this post. 

Our 70 boxes were picked up in North Carolina on the 13th of February. Eighty-one days later they are finally delivered to our new home.

Looking back at these posts today reminds me of how far we have come. What we have accomplished. The struggles we have overcome. It also reinforces to me that dreams can come true. The journey won’t be smooth but it is so worth it!



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