Xan & Bob

A new week begins

A new week has begun. I’m hoping for a much better week than last week. I know that we shouldn’t wish time away but I’m glad that week is over.

Friday evening we went for a walk to one part of the vineyard. We actually went looking for the area where the machine had been picking grapes from the previous night. We had seen where the tractor and trailer had gone so we headed in that direction. Bob was especially determined to find the place. We got to the point where one of us would say, “Okay, if it isn’t around this bend then we will stop and go home.” LOL I can’t tell you how many times this phrase was muttered. But still we walked. I kept stopping to take photos of the sunset. I love that the village looks totally different from this part of the property.








We never did find the plot where the machine had picked grapes. But we did see parts of the vineyard for the first time and it was a beautiful walk.

Saturday morning we went to the beach despite the lingering clouds that looked as if they might drench us with rain. The radar showed that the clouds would be moving from the beach inland so we figured why not head to the beach. The temperature was cool and when we arrived there were probably 6 other people on the beach. The forecast was partially correct. The clouds were moving from the beach inland however no matter how hard the sun tried to poke through more clouds formed on the horizon. We laid there reading our books and occasionally looked at each other and wondered if we were crazy to be out there. But there is just something about the sound of the waves whether they are softly lapping the shore or crashing in fury. I could listen and watch them forever. It didn’t matter that it was a cloudy day and really wasn’t showing any signs of improving. I mean heck we had the beach pretty much to ourselves. We swam for a while or shall I say played in the large waves. It started to rain while we were in the water but since there wasn’t any lightning with it no big deal.

No matter what bad things happen in our lives or in the world…there are always good/positive things happening at the same time. Sunday morning I woke up to lots of WhatsApp messages. Photos and videos of my cousin Mackenzie at her First Birthday Party! Okay to be clear she is my first cousin twice removed. My cousin’s granddaughter. I got to meet her while I was back in the States and she is absolutely ADORABLE! I’m hoping that even being so far away I can be a big part of her life. A positive influence.

We also had a long phone call with our daughter, Dani, who will be visiting us next month from Australia. Getting caught up on what is happening in all of our lives and discussing what we want to do while she is here. Can’t wait to see her and show her around our wonderful new home.

Sunday is also the day I get to Skype with my sisters. It’s always great to catch up on the week’s happenings even though we are messaging on WhatsApp every day. Another positive.

We started today with another visit to the beach. Have I mentioned how much being on the beach renews our spirits. It was gorgeous and I never wanted to get out of the water…but Bob will tell you that that is normal. It was a great way to start the week. Peacefully.

And the final news for today’s blog is that it has just been reported that the suspect in the Barcelona terrorist attack – the driver of the van – is no longer at large.

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