Start of a new life

Last Monday, Donna, Carl and I started our day with coffee down by the lake.  It was a beautiful sunrise and a perfect morning. I took several photos of the sunrise and the lake.


Lone fisherman
Doesn’t that flag look gorgeous!


We talked about the start of their new life at the lake. How having coffee by the water to start their day and having a swim at the end of the day when Donna finishes work will become the norm. We talked about when it would start to feel real to them. For Bob and I it felt real straight away when we moved to Spain. But for Donna and Carl they have made several week-long trips every year which ended with them packing up the car and heading back north. So the first week will probably still feel like that. I told them that when the weekend comes (today now) and they aren’t packing up the car it may seem a bit real then.

We had to take this photo to make it official. Believe in your dreams!


As we got in the golf cart to head back up to the house (remember Donna’s foot is broken) I took this shot. How perfect that the rays of the sun are hitting the chairs they were just sitting in. I think some people in Heaven are shining down their approval of this dream finally coming true.


I spent several hours running errands as my trip was quickly coming to an end. I needed a few more things from the stores but also needed to go to our bank and our cell phone provider. On the way back to the house I picked up a couple of bottles of cava as some very special friends of ours, Nathan and Jeffrey, were coming to visit that night.

Nathan and I used to work together.  I think we truly kept each other from going mad. We could always count on each other for an intelligent voice of reason in an insane work environment. I used to keep a stash of peanut butter M~n~M’s in my office just for the two of us. Nathan would just walk in and hold out his hand which was the cue for me to get the bag out. As we ate the M~n~M’s we would discuss (read: bitch) about the craziness that surrounded us. Although neither of us miss that job we do miss our times together. I saw that the bag has been re-branded to include the words “Sharing Size” so of course I had to buy them for Nathan.


Donna and Carl also had friends visiting so we all had a BBQ and enjoyed a wonderful evening which of course included the two bottles of cava. Nathan and Jeffrey are planning to visit us in Spain next June! So excited about that and can’t wait to show them around.


Miss you guys already.  P.S. Jeffrey, please be sure to have Nathan read this.  ;-P

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