A few more things to do before I leave

It was another gorgeous morning on the lake Tuesday. My last full day before heading back home to Spain.

I had an appointment in town for a manicure and pedicure. I have been to three different nail salons here in Spain and have not been happy with the results. In fact, I doubt that I will continue having them done as it just seems a waste of money. The gel polish chips within a couple of days. Anyway, when I was at the bank I asked the lady who assisted me where she got her nails done and she recommended Nails of America. It was a wonderful experience and nice to have some pampering after all the packing. Since Donna now needs a new nail technician I recommended that she give them a try.

I stopped at a few stores to pickup the last few items on my list. There will always be things that we can’t get here that we will want or need. And some items we have already accepted and adjusted to not having. I will be honest that I think every time we make a trip back to the U.S. we will take a shopping list with us. 🙂

Back at the house I started to get my bags sorted and packed. I wanted to make sure they weren’t over the 50 pound limit. Piece of cake! Darn, I could have done some more shopping.

After dinner, Donna and I went through a treasure trove of family items that she had come across when getting ready for the move. The items were from her Mom’s house and included birth certificates, letters, newspaper clippings, report cards, lots of photographs, a postcard that my Mom had sent to her sister (Donna’s Mom) from 1979, and a funny one that I sent to her in 1981. I took photos of a lot of the items to add to our family tree information. It is fun and bittersweet to look through family treasures. It brings back memories, teaches us things we didn’t know and makes us miss family members that are no longer with us a little more.

One more day left in the U.S. and a pontoon boat ride was on the agenda. Tomorrow I was going to finally go out on the lake instead of just seeing it from the shoreline.




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