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Today is a new day

Following writing my post yesterday or as I called it a bit of a rant, I was determined to be in a good mood. I would be patient to see if these people woke up on Wednesday and decided to actually do their jobs. As the day went on and I constantly calculated the time difference to eastern time in the U.S. I was becoming more doubtful that they did indeed decide to do their jobs. However, I was not going to let it ruin my day. I figured if I didn’t hear from anybody then Thursday I would be sure they found out how furious I was.

Bob taught me a great phrase many years ago, “Nil Bastardum Carborundum” “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” Good advice. Not always easy when you are depending on other people for something that is extremely important in your life but it was still my focus yesterday.

I spent the day working on marketing items and social media for thewinerywoman.com which included some fun photo shoots. Hey, it involved wine how could it not be fun?  🙂 It’s exciting to be creative and to be making things happen that a short time ago were just a dream. Watch this space.

We took a break and spent a bit of time at the pool here in the vineyard. Too much we wanted to do to make it to the beach. But a least we got a little sun and a little swim. And the view isn’t bad either.


About 8:30pm last night we were sitting in the courtyard, reading, and drinking a glass of wine. Finally, my phone rings. Our bank manager called. He didn’t apologize for the day before nor offer any explanations except to say in future email works better than phoning. Anyway, he explained that he had called the other business and got a voicemail. He made it clear that the fault was the other business not his. So, I phoned the other business and reached the lady we needed. Told her that the bank manager had called and left a message and she said she would phone him right away. I emailed the bank manager and told him this and then waited. Waited. Finally, he emailed back to say that after waiting 10 minutes for the lady to phone him he called her again and they spoke. Hallelujah!! He verified what the other business needed and said I should be good to go. He also pointed out that the other business had been misspelling the bank name which is why he had not received return emails from them. Seriously!? I get it. Nothing is his fault.

Two hours later the other business phoned me to say that I am indeed good to go.  The documentation will be sent to their headquarters and I should have what I need in…wait for it…4-6 weeks. They have had this since February 23rd. As frustrating as another 4-6 weeks is I am just thrilled that it is happening. I know this all sounds secretive since I have not revealed the business or what this is about but until I have this document in my hands I do not want to say. All will be revealed and a bottle of cava will be opened when this is all done. Watch this space. 😉

Throughout today I have been singing and giggling and having fun. Enjoying a positive day. Bob and I went to the beach this morning and although a bit overcast when we arrived, we enjoyed lounging and reading and people watching. When we arrived, the sea was very calm but we noticed the size of the waves increasing. When we finally wandered into the water we ended up spending probably an hour or so frolicking in the waves. Floating. Swimming. Talking. Laughing. Spending time doing one of the things that was a big part of our dream to move here. To be able to spend 4 hours on the beach just because we want to not because we are on vacation. That is priceless.


We all have bad days. Frustrating days. Days when we want to scream and days when we do scream. It’s good to remember that tomorrow is another day. A bad day or two does not mean it is a bad life.


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