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A bit of a rant

A bit of a rant today. When did good Customer Service cease to exist? When did the customer (whose money companies will gladly take) stop being important? I realize that companies are in business to make money. What I don’t understand is how the greater population stopped caring about doing their job well. Why is it shocking these days when the customer is treated properly?


The other day I wrote about wasting an afternoon trying to deal with people and businesses back in the States. Unfortunately, that is how I spent yesterday afternoon as well. One of my calls on Monday was to our bank where it took me 30 minutes to actually reach someone in our local branch. I have been waiting for an important document to be processed since the end of May (actually started back in February) and I found out Monday that the business processing it has sent several emails to the Branch Manager/Vice President of our branch who witnessed something for me. He has not responded to them. My attempt to contact him on Monday resulted in me leaving an extremely important message for him with an associate as his voicemail box was full. Twenty-four hours later with no reply, I reached out again.

I spent one hour and three minutes trying to reach this branch. The phone rang so many times that it automatically transferred to the main bank switchboard…three times. On two occasions, the representatives apologized and transferred me to an internal number at the branch. These calls again went unanswered. In fact, the phone rang so many times that it just stopped ringing. Now, why it wouldn’t transfer me back to the main bank switchboard again I do not know.

I must tell you that we have been to this branch many, many times. Bob has built relationships with the bankers there. We know how many people work in this branch. Okay, not the exact number but as I was on hold yesterday we were counting in our heads the people that work there. It is probably around 15 people and yet not ONE person can answer a phone? There is a greeter. Why not a receptionist? Why didn’t someone say (like we would at home), “will someone please answer that damn phone?!?” or better yet…answer it.

Let me just add (see I told you this was going to be a rant) that each time the call was automatically transferred to the main bank switchboard I had to go through the automated system. These are frustrating in the best of times but I cannot begin to tell you how this added to my angst. Yes, I was yelling “Representative” at each prompt. To each representative throughout this aggravating experience I explained the situation and the fact that I was calling from overseas. Let me tell you this did not speed up any process nor did they care about the long times I was on hold. One actually told me that he would make an appointment on the Branch Managers calendar so that when I go to the branch he would be available. What part of I am overseas do you not understand? Listen, I realize it was our choice to move overseas but it is a global economy now.

So, on the third attempt to reach the branch when no one would answer and it transferred me to the main bank switchboard I asked for an Executive Supervisor. I was then transferred to a Customer Care representative for the Executive Branch. She was very professional and also attempted to contact the Branch Manager but with no luck. Now banks are very high-profile businesses and call me crazy but if I could not reach any of my employees for that length of time I would be concerned.

Anyway, she took the information and created the complaint and gave me a case identification number. I was told that the Branch Manager would be told to contact the business that is waiting to hear from him and he was to contact me when that was complete. She also told me that Case Management would be contacting me within one business day.

The east coast of the United States is 6 hours behind us so that gives them plenty of time since I phoned to get this taken care of. I finished my phone calls at 11am eastern U.S. time yesterday. Now I try to be patient and wait today to see what happens.

I was so angry and frustrated after all this aggravation yesterday that I couldn’t clear my mind enough to sit down and write a blog post. We all have to depend on others in this world. I have to depend on the Branch Manager to contact this other business so that hopefully they can do their job and process my documentation. Believe me there is a whole other rant coming about that business but until I have that document in my hand I will leave it at that. 😉

I have had a varied background of jobs in in my life. From Ticket Department Manager at a major race track to Human Resources to Executive Assistant to Marketing Assistant to Sales Support to Customer Service to Customer Service Manager to System Administrator to I.T. Project Coordinator to name a few. In every job, there are other people depending on us to do our jobs properly and in a timely manner. Customers pay your salary. Remember that. Answer your emails even if it is a quick reply to acknowledge someone’s email. Return your phone calls. Check your voicemail and empty your voicemail box so that others can leave you messages. Do the job that you are getting paid to do.  Believe me I have had jobs that I did not like and bosses that I did not respect but that never, and I mean never, stopped me from giving 100% to my job and doing it to the best of my ability.

Okay, rant over for now.

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