Xan & Bob

Our morning was better than our afternoon

We decided to change things up a bit and start our day with a visit to the beach. We usually work first and then go to the beach in the afternoon. I think after our experience today that is how we will do it in future. We arrived at the beach just before 10am and there were only a few other people. Prime spot with the waves lapping just inches away. After enjoying some time reading in the sun we took a nice long swim. The water temperature is getting warmer each day and to be truthful we didn’t want to get out. As we got back to our chairs the beach was starting to get more and more crowded.  Not as crazy as we’re sure it was closer to Sitges. We relaxed a bit longer and decided that 2.5 hours in the sun was good enough for today.

For the record Bob’s legs are the hairy ones.

On the way home a quick stop at Hiper Sitges (Chinese Wal-Mart) to pick up the baskets and things we needed to finish organizing our office. Once home I got started on getting all of the office odds and ends put away. Success. It is now a functioning office and everything has a place.

We enjoyed lunch in our courtyard and then back to work. I wish I could say that the afternoon was spent as contentedly as our morning at the beach but that was not the case. While Bob made Spanish Omelet I was on the phone with a couple of businesses back in the States. These were not short phone calls or pleasant ones as they were calls to people and businesses that are not doing their jobs properly and it has hugely impacted us. So frustrating.

We are now sitting back in the courtyard drinking our second glass of wine. I think we are both going to channel our thoughts back to our beach time and try to block out the rest of the day.

Positive things from the day…our tans are coming along nicely, the office is organized and best of all we have yummy Spanish Omelet for breakfast in the morning.

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