Xan & Bob

A weekend to recharge our batteries

A much-needed relaxing weekend here. Time to think. Time to ponder. Time to contemplate.

I asked Bob yesterday, “I’m sitting here thinking, pondering, and contemplating. But am I accomplishing anything?” His reply, “Yes, you are.” Smart man, my husband.

Do you ever just take the time to contemplate? Your navel? 😉 Your life? Your to-do list? Your dreams? Your goals? I think that this so important. It may seem that we are doing nothing but taking the time to just be and think is extremely important. It helps us to think things through. To figure out a problem. To contemplate how to make our dreams become reality.

Today we started our day by shutting out the rest of the world and taking a long walk around and through the vineyard. When life gets to be too much we need to take the time to do this. To just unwind, forget the rest of the world and remember why we made this move. We all have those moments, hours, days, or weeks when the outside world weighs us down. When things we don’t have control over rear their ugly heads and attempt to bring us down.

We started by wandering down the lane behind our casa to greet Morito the horse.  We love hearing him neigh/whinny and trot around when we wake up in the morning.

We took new paths today which brought us to different parts of the vineyard. I don’t know that these walks will ever get old. We both notice the little changes to the vines. We notice how much the grapes have grown since the last walk we made. We notice the different plants along the paths. The birds. The butterflies.

I think we decided after seeing these that we are not drinking enough wine. We might need to lift our game.

These quiet times and these walks together are just what we need. It’s a wonderful time to remember what’s truly important in our lives. Each other.

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