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Un buen día (a good day)

Yesterday was a good day. We've had more than our share (our assessment) of stress over the past couple of months. We need to celebrate the wins instead of always focusing on the negative things. Easier said than done but we still try. Each day. Having finally received my Irish passport we had reached out… Continue reading Un buen día (a good day)

Xan & Bob

Week 3 – 4: we progress

We enjoyed a relaxed Easter weekend. Our new neighbors, Kim and Virginia invited us over for coffee after lunch on Monday. So at 4pm we wander next door to their garden where another neighbor, Gloria, has joined them. Kim and Virginia speak very little English and we speak very little Catalan and Spanish. Thankfully Gloria… Continue reading Week 3 – 4: we progress

Xan & Bob

Week Two…more documentation needed

Monday is Residency day! We meet with Marcelo first thing to sign the house contract so that we have that to take with us. We triple check that we have everything we need even though we have already forwarded it to Emma, our attorney, electronically. We head off to Vilanova early as we still need… Continue reading Week Two…more documentation needed