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Your Carriage Awaits

We've had a busy social life the past few days so I have much to share with you. Today I will start with Saturday's fun. In April 2018, Marquis Marcelo Desvalls (the owner of the Viladellops estate) opened a museum of his family’s history here in the village. “Els Desvalls i Catalunya. I wrote a… Continue reading Your Carriage Awaits

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Discovering Stone Huts in the Vineyard

We've discovered two stone huts this week. The first one we found while hiking the property on Sunday. Obscured by the surrounding trees. Unfortunately, the roof and part of the wall have caved in. We sure would love to hear the stories of the families and workers that used them. The other stone hut was… Continue reading Discovering Stone Huts in the Vineyard

Exploring, Viladellops Village, Vineyard

Treasures You Find in the Woods

Last September, Hanna and I went for a walk in the woods. I shared some photos with you in that link and also in the post here about the thousand-year-old olive tree that although looks the worse for wear is still alive. What I hadn't shared and can't believe I never posted were the other… Continue reading Treasures You Find in the Woods