Viladellops Village

“A Day To Experience”

Yesterday we attended "A Day to Experience" here in our village of Viladellops. The Marquis Marcelo Desvalls (the owner of the Viladellops estate) opened a museum of his family’s history here in the village. “Els Desvalls i Catalunya . A noble Catalan lineage in history”     "All the main episodes of the history of Catalonia included the… Continue reading “A Day To Experience”

Viladellops Village, Wineries

And the winner is…Turó de les Abelles

While we were having our own wonderful Friday night there was excitement elsewhere. Marcello the owner of Viladellops (where we live) was on stage collecting awards for his wines. This wonderful wine Turó de les Abelles won three awards and pretty impressive ones at that. With 870 entries from 235 wineries taking part in the… Continue reading And the winner is…Turó de les Abelles