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Resuming My Life

Have you ever noticed how time flies? How is it already Wednesday?! That means that the day after tomorrow is FRIDAY! Again!

I’ve been enjoying my new life since “I DID IT” and have been adjusting well. Not having to study has been fabulous!!! We had a relaxing weekend. Some grocery shopping on Saturday as we suddenly remembered that Monday was a holiday here. Sunday we celebrated Festa Sant Joan at Montse and Alex’s home as we did last year. The year before we celebrated at Kim and Virginia’s. It was a lovely evening sharing pica pica and a lot of laughter. It was 3am before we got to bed. So much fun!!






As Monday was a holiday we did not go near the beach and avoided going to Sitges as there were too many people. We relaxed at home and checked a few things off of our to-do lists.

Tuesday was the first day I really started doing the things that I had put off while studying for the driver’s exam. I started going for a walk early in the morning. So peaceful and cooler.





We went into Sitges to run some errands. We stopped by the Auto School to schedule my practical training with the professor but that and the exam will have to wait until September as it is holiday time here. It is summer! Oh well, all for getting it done and over with and finally getting my license. But the good thing is that I can relax and enjoy the summer.

We went to the beach in the afternoon but it was a yellow flag day due to the waves and the wind was insane. So, we didn’t swim and when we finally gave up and left we felt wind-blown. Our sunglasses were coated in sea spray. The wind did keep us comfortable temperature-wise so that was a plus I guess.


Today, up early and off for another walk. I love early mornings and wandering the vineyard with just the sound of birdsong. I often think I should use my walks as a time to listen to podcasts that I never have time for but I prefer to listen to nature and really see and hear things around me.





No wonder it is hot…look at the size of the sun!







Look at this over-achiever!!


We decided to go to the beach this morning instead of this afternoon to try to beat the wind. No chance. At least when we first got there it didn’t seem as bad as yesterday. It was another yellow flag day but we did go for a bit of a swim. Spain is currently having a heatwave. We are having temperatures that, at least where we live, don’t normally hit until August. Really hoping they don’t stick around long. We left the beach when the wind picked up and more people were arriving and all seemed to want to sit two inches away from us when the beach was fairly empty.

So, what has your week been like so far?

2 thoughts on “Resuming My Life”

  1. I agree about the sounds of nature instead of man made noises…although, usually cars and planes are outside and overpower birds! I almost never listen to anything-the silence is so full of sounds and peace!

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