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Hello December

Here on Lake Norman, the first day of December has splashed in like a puddle. It has pretty much been raining steadily all day. I was able to get these photos this morning before it started.




Even with the rain, the lake is beautiful.





This day last year my blog post was about us decorating for Christmas and how it was pretty much all done. Now we’re not even going to be home until Monday, December 17th. One week before Christmas. I’ve been debating whether to even bother decorating for such a short period. Bob keeps reminding me that I will be upset if I don’t decorate…so we will decorate. 🙂 Especially since we will be hosting friends at our home on the 22nd for what we are now calling “Thanksmas” – Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think we are both wanting to be in two different places right now. We’re enjoying our time here with family and friends but are also missing being home. We’re missing our friends there. We’re also missing the Christmas festivities there. I know, I know…there is always next year. Still…

Of course, the big thing I am missing is our book launch tomorrow at Montroig Cafe in Sitges. Although I am enjoying promoting it here in the U.S. I really was looking forward to being with my friends/fellow authors of the book at the launch. I will be connected for part of it via Skype. Oh…and we will be opening a bottle of cava at 9am our time (3pm back home) as the launch starts. Tomorrow morning I will also be flooding my blog, Facebook, and Instagram with the link where you can purchase the book. 🙂


I will end today’s post with this photo of an adorable cow ornament. Just because it is so adorable and it makes me smile.



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