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Still not sick of this view

It is amazing how your life can change. It can change in an instant, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year.

September always brings back memories for me. Since 2013 we had been vacationing in Spain in September. Making sure we were here to celebrate either my birthday or Bob’s birthday. The past few days I have been thinking about how much has changed since our last vacation here in 2016. That was when we had two weeks of life-changing events that led us to move here within six months of returning home. It was a crazy time.

Now here we are two years later about to celebrate 18 months living in our little slice of paradise. Living our dream. And if I am honest, some days it still doesn’t seem real but I sure am glad it is real.

Today and every day I am extremely thankful that we made this move.

And for the record…I am still not sick of this view each day.









8 thoughts on “Still not sick of this view”

  1. Looks amazing I’m from the UK with a Spanish girlfriend of 4 years , we’ve often talked about moving to Spain . Maybe oneday I can experience the same as you 👌

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