Beach, Xan & Bob

Swimming with the fishes

This morning was a beach morning. It was a lovely long morning at the beach. As gorgeous as always. Good books to read. Time together. Sunshine. Blue sky. Warm water. Gentle waves.






Today instead of just going for a swim we used our new snorkeling masks. This summer we have seen lots of people using these Subea Easybreath Surface Snorkeling masks. They looked a lot easier to use than traditional ones. Having said that Bob and I have figured out that neither of us have snorkeled in over 35 years. Yup, you read that right. Over 35 years. Bob in the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia. And me in Maui, Hawaii when my high school best friend, Troy and I went. That was my one and only time. So we are not experts. We just noticed that these looked easier to use.

We bought them last week. Blue for boys. Pink for girls. 😉


We had a blast! The water is super clear anyway so we can see fish while we are swimming but this was different. To just float along and watch as a large school of fish just swim around. Not taking any notice of us. I wonder what we look like to them.

As Bob surfaced he said, “That was magical!” He is right. We are hooked!


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