Kitty in the vines

I wandered out to take a few photos of the storm clouds. It was raining elsewhere but not here…yet. Of course it decided to wait until I was outside to start raining. My short walk became even shorter. In fact I just stood under a tree and took a couple of photos.

It still looks pretty under cloudy skies.





I was feeling a bit disappointed about the rain arriving at the moment. Until I saw something out of the corner of eye. Something dashing into the edge of the vineyard. I followed it the best I could as it wound its way through the vines.

What a gorgeous kitty! Beautiful markings. Of course as soon as he/she saw me it turned around and dashed back out into the vineyard.

It’s okay that the rain started when it did. If it hadn’t I would have walked away from that point and missed out on the furry visitor in the vines.

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