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A good day to be inside

I went outside shortly after 7 a.m. to water the garden. The temperature was a perfect 77°F (25°C). The sun had yet to rise high enough to hit the yard. I took a bucket of water up to water the plants outside our bedroom and kitchen windows. I captured a few photos of the morning sunlight knowing that I would be spending pretty much the rest of the day indoors.




I stopped by the jail and said hello to the inmate. He let out a long sigh and asked for a fan and a refill on his wine bottle.


Don’t worry…I took care of him. 😉 It’s important to look out for friends and neighbors during a heatwave ya know!

I’ve had a productive day…inside at my laptop. I’ve mentioned that the Writer’s Group that I go to every two weeks is going to publish a book of our stories at the end of the year. Well, I have been behind on submitting my stories for the book and it has been weighing on my mind. Today, I was able to complete most of it. I still have a couple of stories to finish and I need to write my bio for the book. That is on tomorrow’s agenda.

We don’t have a thermometer but said it was 94°F (felt like 99°F) here today and in Sitges it felt like 104°F. Thankfully the humidity was only 33% unlike where we used to live in North Carolina. A good day to stay inside and get some writing done.


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