Xan & Bob

Don’t Disturb

I bought the most fabulous hat today! For easily the past month I have passed this shop in Sitges which displayed the hat as a promotion and I wanted it. The shop is a perfume and make-up shop. The promotion was something like “spend 140€ ($162) and receive the hat and a beach blanket for free.” Well, since I don’t want or need to spend 140€ I just kept walking past. Several times Bob suggested we walk in and ask if we can just buy the hat. I said no on each occasion. Today was different. We finally walked in and asked if we could buy just the hat and if so how much. Yes we could and the price was 20€ ($23)! WOOHOO!

Here it is.


I asked Bob to take a photo of me working with it on…not that I will be doing this but I have lots of work to do so the need of not being disturbed is real. It will look great on the beach!



Brilliant isn’t it?!?! I felt very Audrey Hepburn in it walking around Sitges! I didn’t look it but I felt it and hey…that counts! Lol!

As we walked out of the shop with me acting like a kid who just left the candy store Bob reminded me that if you don’t ask you don’t get. Good lesson there.

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