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Hello August Heat. Thankful for the Beach.

Hello August…how did you arrive so quickly? I see that you brought along the usual heat that we expect here in Spain in August. It is okay with everyone if you cool it just a bit though.

I understand why August is vacation time here in Spain…cause it is too darn hot to be stuck at work. Everyone is arriving at the beach. Because of the heatwave and increase in visitors we have adjusted our beach time once again. This morning we arrived at Sausalito Beach in Sitges shortly after 9 a.m.

To say that the water was perfect would truthfully be an understatement. Crystal clear. Gentle barely waves lapping the shoreline. The sun glistening on the water. The water temperature is a lovely 81°F (27°C). Absolutely perfect.


Of course my mind was trying to preach to me “you know that your to-do list is long and you should be checking things off the list instead of wasting time here on the beach.” Well, today (once again) I shut that preaching down straight away. I reminded it that we spent all day yesterday inside sitting at our computers working. We checked lots off our list. Yes, there is always more. There always will be other things to do. Tough! We moved here and changed our lifestyles so that we could enjoy life more. Not work every minute of every day. And yes, there are afternoons when I feel that if I had only stayed home from the beach I would have gotten so much more done. But you know what…life is too short. Summer days won’t last forever. They are here for us to enjoy.

And we enjoyed today. We sunbathed, read our books, did a bit of people watching and then…went for a nice long swim. Floating on my back with my eyes closed. Daydreaming. Reminiscing of summers past. Dreaming of what life has to offer and how I plan to reach my dreams.















Try to remember when you were a kid and what summers were like. I hope you can recapture some of the wonderful summertime feeling. Hey…it’s August now so there is no time to lollygag on enjoying your summer. Enjoy each day.


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