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The beach, the vineyard and the bad back

Last night I went to sleep with my plans for today all figured out. When I woke up there was an email from the U.S. that had to be dealt with and frankly it put a damper on my mood. I wanted to go to the beach but I also had so much to do at home. I started cleaning the house and then thought…this is crazy. I needed to change my attitude. So I packed up the beach bag and headed to the beach.

Bob is in England for 6 days working with Wayne Gardner on World GP Bike Legends at the Silverstone Classic. It is a great event and besides working he will be having lots of fun.

This means the trip to the beach was a bit lonely today. But I went there to change my attitude. And how could I not cheer up with this view.




As I was packing up I felt a twinge in my lower back. ARGH! What could I have done? And why now when I have so much I need to get done? I know my body was telling me to take it easy but I really didn’t want to listen today.

By the time I ran a couple of errands and got home it was clear that I wasn’t going to do any gardening or house cleaning today. My back was not happy. I got the heating pad out and did my back stretching exercises and watched as my good beach mood disappeared. This isn’t the worst my back has been but I have not been able to get comfortable all day. Sitting on the couch or at my desk was not comfortable. Laying flat on my back was the most comfortable but what could I possibly get done that way?

I went out to water the garden this evening and kept telling myself to relax and listen to my back.

I sat on a bench by the vineyard and just enjoyed the view and the peacefulness.








The beach and the vineyard and the bad back. Two against one I would say. Tomorrow is another day and I am determined that my back will feel better…as long as I listen to it and that’s what I’m going to do!

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