Viladellops Village

Peeking in on the neighbors again

Many months ago I wrote a blog about peeking in on the neighbors. Our feathered neighbors that is. Sometimes when we walk past their home I try to talk to them in my best Donald Duck voice. Hoping they will understand that better than my English or Spanish.

The other night we stopped by their home after our walk in the vineyard. I peeked in the keyhole (I don’t think they mind too much). While I took a few photos through the keyhole a few of them eyed their visitors (that would be us) through a crack in the door.








After our initial greetings and conversation we left them to enjoy their evening and wandered home.

So now that you think I have lost my mind let me enlighten you. My parents always told me that I could do or be anything I wanted. I just needed to find what I was good at and work hard at it. Well, I chose being silly. And as Bob will attest to…I am really, really good at it.


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