Viladellops Village

Peeking in on the neighbors

Do you ever wonder what your neighbors are doing? Do you ever just want to peek through the keyhole and have a look?

Okay, before I get a lot of hateful comments…these are the neighbors I am talking about. The feathered neighbors.

We went for a lovely long walk in the vineyard today and walked back through the village. I like to stop and talk to our feathered neighbors. We don’t really understand each other’s language very well but I like to think we understand each other on a different level. 😉

They have a really cool front door.


I talk to them (and now take photos of them) through the keyhole.




Once we had said hello to them and passed by I stopped and said to Bob, “I wonder if I can get a photo of them through the keyhole.” I love how the photos turned out! I think they would like them too. I’ll be sure to stop by and show them the photos tomorrow.

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