Carpe Diem

I started my day at the beach just as the sunrise was lighting the sky.





I didn’t wander far today. Well, my feet didn’t wander far but my mind certainly did. The beach does that to me. Having that time in the early morning to think about what the day might bring. What I might accomplish. What magic might happen. So I started writing things in the sand.

This was the first one that came to mind and actually the first time I wrote it a wave promptly came and wiped it out. But I persevered.


I stood back and admired my theme for the day. I thought (quickly because the waves were edging closer) what I would do today. How I would seize the day.


I certainly was starting it right. Contemplating life and all its wonders while standing on the beach watching the sunrise.


So that are you doing today to seize the day?

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