Happy birthday Sandy (a day late…sorry)

Today’s blog is a day late but it is still heartfelt as if it were written yesterday. Yesterday was my big sister Sandy’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDY!!!

I worked on pulling old photos off of my portable hard drives. Searching through folders and folders for photos. Opening them in Photoshop so that I could prepare them for the blog. Having pulled the photos off the portable hard drive I unplugged it from my laptop and then unplugged the power cord from the wall so that I could bring it upstairs to the living room. I walked up the stairs from the office to the living room carrying my laptop when…it shut itself off. Power off. This is an ongoing issue with my laptop but it is not consistent. All open photos now gone from the laptop. Oh not to worry they still live on my portable hard drives but that meant all the time searching and finding them needed to be done again. I haven’t mentioned that it was a bad technology afternoon at home and that was the final straw. As much as I wanted to post the birthday blog…I was done.

So I am not late I am just extending her birthday! Sandy is the eldest sister. (See Sandy, I didn’t call you old!) There are 16 years difference between us so we missed out on growing up under the same roof. When she was 18 she went off to nursing school. She will tell you (and me) that she was a technician blah blah blah but I was there at her capping ceremony and in my eyes to this day she was a nurse. See…doesn’t she look like a nurse to you?!

Sandy was a “baby nurse” working in the maternity ward of a New York hospital. A place where many celebrities had their babies. I’m sure they would tell you she was a nurse too.

Having retired a couple of years ago she has dedicated her free time to volunteering for Stray Rescue of St. Louis. I think if she had the chance she would adopt every dog and cat that she could. ♥♥

Even though we didn’t grow-up together (I use the word “grow-up” loosely as none of us three sisters have grown up) we have always been close. Whether a letter, phone call or visit. These days it is weekly Skype video calls and texting on a daily basis.

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So to my big sister Sandy – I wish you the most amazing birthday and year ahead! May your dreams keep coming true. I miss you and love you bunches!!!

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