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Oh to feel the warmth of the sun

As the weatherman predicted the sun was shining and it was warmer today! Open the windows, put on a pair of shorts and do a happy dance!!! That is exactly what I did!

I read an article this morning that said “Barcelona registers the second start of the rainiest year in 104 years. It has rained one every three days.” So this may explain why it has felt like it has been raining a lot. Yes, we need the rain so I am not complaining. But I am also happy to see the sun and feel warm. 🙂

I’ve been busy all day so just dashed out for a quick walk to take some photos.



I think the flowers feel the same way I do…”Gosh that sun feels good.”


Wild rosemary is beyond abundant on the property and the bees are busy. I wonder if they know the honey will be rosemary honey.


I have been waiting for the purple tree to bloom next to the church. I took photos of it last year so I have been patiently waiting.






The bees are busy with these trees too and humming a pretty song while they work.



I hope that if you are still buried in snow these warm weather flowery photos have at least made you smile.

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