Xan & Bob

The sun is shining behind the clouds

We’re having another rainy day here and I will admit we are both ready for warm, sunny weather. We know it is coming and it will (thankfully) be here for a long time such is the weather in Spain. Yet, as we spend another day inside we are a little antsy for the sun.


“The sky was dark and gloomy, the air was damp and raw, the streets were wet and sloppy. The smoke hung sluggishly above the chimney-tops as if it lacked the courage to rise, and the rain came slowly and doggedly down, as if it had not even the spirit to pour.” ~Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers


We know we need the rain and the vines really need the rain. We also know that it is still snowing in places here in Spain and back in the U.S. so it could be worse. We are thankful that we are only having rain and not snow. Yet…still we dream of sun and warmth.

Isn’t it funny how we wish for sun when it rains. Rain when it has been sunny too long. Warmth when it is cold. Cold when it has been hot too long. For the record…Bob and I never wish for snow.

We know that behind the clouds the sun still shines as it was Wednesday evening when I took this photo. I was surprised and thrilled that the photo turned out this good. We were driving down the road and I took this out of the back seat window.


Time for a glass or two of liquid sunshine and a change of attitude.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

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