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Make a wish

Do you remember when we were kids we would love to pick dandelions and blow them to make a wish? If there was an adult around they may have told you not to as this carries the seeds to grow more dandelions. Once I had my own yard and I was battling the ever growing number of dandelions I understood the “adulting” part. But still…so tempting.

I’ve been looking back at photos this afternoon and came across this one that I took at my Mom’s house many years ago. The photo doesn’t do it justice as this was the size of a grapefruit.


I thought at the time and still do that if I wanted to blow a dandelion to make a wish I would want it to be one this size. That is an awful lot of dreams that could be made from just one dandelion!

I think that making wishes is way more important than having to dig up a few extra dandelions anyway!

Make your wishes every chance you get. You just never know when one of them might come true.

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