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Time together

A part of our many conversations in the past few years about moving to Spain were about our wanting to change our busy lifestyle. Not retire but change our way of life so that we didn’t need to be busy working every day.  We are in no ways rich and retirement is not something we really ever want to do. If we love what we do and are able to do it then why retire?

As happens with so many of us we spent more hours at work then we did with each other. I know that has to happen don’t get me wrong.  I just know in the last 5-6 years my job took over my life. Even once I was home from the office I was still working and not fully focused on being together with Bob.

I guess I am saying all of this to make a point. Now that we have the chance to be together all the time we are both beyond thrilled! I shouldn’t say “chance” because it was really a decision. We made sacrifices to have this time together. We treasure it so much.

Things have obviously changed immensely living here. Friday we took a long walk in the vineyard. Spring is showing signs of coming and we wanted to check out some special places to see what has changed.







As with our walks on the beach, our walks through the vineyard provoke not only deep thinking but also deep conversations. It is a time that we get lost in our own thoughts but also share what we are thinking. We make many stops on our walks to point out things to each other.








We took a path we had taken once before. It will lead us down there…see where the path is?


How many animals do you think come to this watering hole that the recent rains have left?


So gorgeous.


This little slice of the vineyard is a favorite of ours. The 60 foot tree along with the old vines that could tell us so many stories.


When I caught up to where Bob is standing in the photo below he told me to stop. Listen.


Absolute complete and utter silence. Seriously, there was not a sound. When was the last time you stood someplace that was completely quiet?

I’ve been looking into meditation lately. If this isn’t the perfect spot to meditate then I don’t know what is.

As we wandered back home through other parts of the vineyard it was just another reminder of how lucky we are to be alive. To be here in this beautiful place. To have this precious time together. Because that is what life is about. Loving someone and being loved in return. Every minute counts.


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