Xan & Bob

Trust your wings. You’ll be flying again soon.

Why do we find it so hard to make changes in our lives? Even when we know that the change will be better for us? That it will put us in a better place emotionally and we will be happier. The old is what we know and in a some ways it is comfortable. It may not be all bad. But we know we need to make that change.

I have a couple of friends that have recently or are in the process of making changes in their lives that are a bit difficult. I want to wave a magic wand and tell them that it will get easier and it will be better.

I’ve been there (most of us have I guess) and it seemed like the end of the world but it wasn’t. It was damn hard to go through though. I do remember that. When I listen to my friends and hear the emotions that they are feeling I understand. My circumstances may have been different and it was (thankfully) ages ago since I went through it but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get what my friends are going through today.  I try to offer encouragement but not preach. They have to go through this on their own terms. There are a lot more emotions to play out. But I know that they will make it and their lives will be happier.

One of my friends said today that this will be the first time in so “__” years that she has lived by herself. I immediately told her that she will love it. To which I quickly added, “Well, I haven’t lived by myself since September 1994. Obviously I am an expert. LOL!” It’s good to keep it real you know?!

So to these two dear friends I say this. Please remember that I am here for you. You can vent, you can cry, you can talk to me about how you are feeling and know that I will be there for you.  I’ll try to make you laugh, and I might even tell you how much you will love living on your own even though I haven’t done it in 24 years.

Oh, and let me tell you this.

Trust your wings. You will be flying again soon. ♥




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