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My 200th blog post!

Woohoo! I hope you will join me in celebrating this my 200th blog post! My first blog post was on April 22, 2017 about 3 weeks after we had moved to Spain.

I remember how nervous I was trying to learn WordPress while creating my website and wanting to get that first blog posted but wondering if I could really do this. By “do this” I mean put myself out there and write for all the world to see. Okay, so I am still waiting on “all the world” to see it but you know what I mean.

While I was trying to get my blog started we were navigating our way through our first 3 weeks in our new home. Following our dream was easy but no matter how prepared we were there was a lot we were having to juggle. Below are some of the early posts that you might want to read to catch up (if you are new to my blog) or reminisce with us (if you have been reading since the beginning).

Back home in North Carolina

We have arrived…now what

Week Two…more documentation needed

Week 3 – 4: we progress

Wow, it is amazing to read back to those first few weeks here and remember how far we have come. Ten months later we are still checking things off that we need to do like getting our Spanish driver’s licenses. Bob has checked this off and my fun with it is just starting. Ugh.

For the most part our life here has settled down to the lifestyle that we dreamed of. The little hilltop vineyard village where we live is more wonderful than we ever thought it would be. Amazing neighbors who have welcomed us with open arms. The vineyard is so incredibly tranquil. We still pinch ourselves to be sure this dream is really happening.

Every day I am excited to follow my other dream of writing and photography. I have wanted to do this for so many years. This is just the beginning of the dream for me.

I want to thank you all for reading my blog. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for following me. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support. There are days that I struggle with what to write about but funny enough those posts seem to be the ones that a lot of people connect with the thoughts. ♥

Again thank you for coming along for the ride!


6 thoughts on “My 200th blog post!”

  1. Muchas felicidades Xan y muchas gracias.
    Pronto hará un año de vuestra llegada, para nosotros ha sido una fortuna tener unos vecinos (y ahora amigos) como vosotros.
    Aunque no te escriba mucho, tu blog se ha convertido en una adicción para mi, es una forma de poder seguir como lleváis el cambio de vida, vuestros sentimientos, estar un poco pendientes de vuestras necesidades.
    Es gratificante ver que alguien sigue y realiza su sueño y espero que podamos compartirlo por mucho años.
    Otra vez muchas felicidades!!!

    Un abrazo


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Kim. Your heartfelt words mean the world to me. We are so blessed to have you and Virginia as our neighbors and friends. Hugs, Xan

      Muchas gracias Kim. Tus palabras sinceras significan el mundo para mí. Somos muy afortunados de tenerte a ti y a Virginia como nuestros vecinos y amigos. Abrazos, Xan


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