Be in the moment

Be in the moment.

How many times a day are we multi-tasking physically and also mentally? We’re doing one thing and thinking about all the other things on our to-do list or where we need to be next. A loved one is talking to us but our mind is half-listening because it is thinking about so many other things.


We need to stop this. How much are we missing? Life is short enough without us being completely engaged in it. It’s time to really quiet our minds and hands and be in the moment. Instead of taking a selfie when you are somewhere try engaging with those around you. Instead of looking at your phone while you are with other people put it down and talk to those you are with. Instead of half-listening to someone give that person your complete attention. Take in your surroundings and appreciate them. Slow down. Be in the moment.


When I was at the beach the other morning and wrote Carpe Diem in the sand I also wrote “Be in the moment“. Thankfully the waves allowed enough time for me to write it. To step back and think about it. To focus on what was in front of me. To be in the moment.


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